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maintenance contracts

We work for schools to oversee your Schools Maintenance Contracts. We have over 30 years experience and are skilled in the education sector.

Instead of automatically referring to their Local Authority, increasingly, schools are choosing to save money by outsourcing their maintenance programme. By working with us, you will reduce costs and save time.

We relieve the headache of school maintenance. We oversee the entire project management, administration and delivery of your maintenance contract. As you concentrate on running the school, we’ll ensure that all compliance and building issues are dealt with. 

School Maintenance Plan

School maintenance contracts play an important role in the school’s overall effectiveness, safety, and financial well-being. A school maintenance plan should be developed and adhered to for every site.

Your school maintenance plan should include all compliances including L8 legionella control, asbestos checks and gas and electrical safety. Using a School Maintenance Checklist will facilitate compliance, enabling onsite inspection and up to date records of:

  • Asbestos

  • Electrical Safety

  • Fire Safety Equipment

  • Gas Safety

  • Heating and Ventilation

  • Water Hygiene

  • Safety glazing

  • Lifts and Lifting Equipment

  • General Building items (including Boundary Walls & Fences, PE Equipment)

We ensure that all of the necessary items are fully covered. In addition, planned preventative maintenance will extend the useful life of buildings, heating and air conditioning systems; and can include ongoing fabric maintenance.

Ensure that your school budget goes further, while saving the time and burden of maintenance management. Let us take care of it for you!

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