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If you are a planning a home extension or loft conversion we’ll help you to realise your ideas. With careful consideration of your ideas and requirements, we offer practical, affordable design to make them happen. We strive to realise your dream with a cost-effective design, working to your budget. 

We use CAD software to help you visualise the space, and provide the technical drawings required for planning and building control. In addition, we’ll Project Manage the build for you from start to finish. This ensures that you have the right contractors booked for the right time to keep your project on time and budget.

Our 5-step plan will guide you through the process:

  1. Feasibility

  2. Concept

  3. Planning Stage

  4. Technical drawings

  5. Build

Luxurious Kitchen

1. Feasibility & Project Brief

Knowing how to start a project can seem daunting. 

We’ll meet to understand your aims and requirements for the project, and provide one to one support to develop a clear Project Brief. This ensures that your principle desires or concerns are recognised. 

Next, we’ll survey the property to assess any potential issues. The feasibility process defines key factors of the project including budget, implications and potential timescales.      

Feasibility work is offered as a complimentary service without obligation.


2. Concept Design

Concept design is driven by your needs and aspirations, to fit with the Project Brief. Cost is a fundamental point for most clients; therefore our designs seek to minimise capital expenditure while realising your objectives for the space.


We use CAD and 3D Modelling techniques to help you visualise the design, and ensure that your feedback and any amendments are made as required.

Whilst we invite an open exchange with the local Planning Authority at this stage, we actively resist the inclusion of unwarranted requests. Once the design is signed off with you we move forward to Planning.


3. Planning Stage


If your project falls outside of Permitted Development, and you require formal Planning Permission we will handle the application process for you. The approved Concept Design will be developed into Planning Drawings and submitted to your local Planning Authority. This includes full supporting documentation, 3D and CAD designs, to present the plans in the best way.


4. Technical Drawings

When planning permission has been granted your plans will be used to create full Technical Drawings.

Building projects of all sizes must comply with Building Regulations. We’ll prepare plans to ensure compliance to the Regulations, handling any queries and liaising with specialists as required to gain approval. 

5. Build

Once all approvals and conditions have been met you can proceed to the build. 

We provide Specification Drawings, which will enable you to gain quotes from building contractors. These also ensure clarity of design for your chosen contractor, enabling them to employ the correct trades and materials to construct the design. 

Building Control will monitor the construction work, and upon completion will issue a final certificate. 

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For a free party wall advice and free estimate, please call Corsa Consultants on 01372 748851 or 07734 050888.

or visit our Commercial Architecture page here.

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